My Top 5 Podcasts

Podcasts are probably my favourite type of content to consume. I tell myself I don’t have enough time to sit down a read a book, but a podcast is something I can listen to and still carry on with my day and get all my to-do’s done while learning something new or simply having a good laugh. Here are my top 5 picks that I seriously recommend you listen to.

  1. My Favorite Murder

My favorite murder is an amazing podcast for anyone who enjoys true crime. Karen and Georgia bring their love of comedy and true crime together to give you a seriously entertaining and fascinating podcast week after week. It may sound strange to combine death and comedy into the same podcast but Georgia and Karen are able to do so in the most respectful manner that does not dismiss or disrespect the victims in the stories they tell. Most importantly they keep you laughing just enough that you can still turn all the lights out when you go to bed. This podcast is capable of converting anyone into a murderino (their cute fan club nickname).

2. Stuff You Should Know

If you enjoy learning new facts this is the podcast for you. Chuck and Josh have made hundreds of episodes going into incredible detail of how specific topics work. There’s an episode for any interest you have and the hosts do an amazing job of breaking everything down into small bite sized pieces that are capable of keeping the attention of even the most distracted individuals. I credit this podcast as being the source of most of my conversational “fun facts”. From how the plague started to the history of Papasan chairs you can leave feeling like a mini-expert.

3. Don’t Blame Me!

Don’t Blame Me! is an advice podcast I wish I had when I was younger. Meghan and her producer Melissa give out practical (and seriously funny!) advice to their viewers who call in with an array of dilemmas. The podcast frequently features guests on the podcast so there’s a good variety of opinions being shared and new lenses being used to look at issues many of us can relate to. This podcast covers topics that cater most to young women but women of all ages can appreciate and relate to the discussions being had. From sex positivity to dealing with unhealthy relationships this podcast acts like the big sister we all wanted.

4. Dreamer’s Disease

I recently discovered Dreamer’s disease through some of my favourite youtubers. Many of them have been guests on Alex’s podcast which is quite possibly one of the most inspirational I’ve come across. Dreamer’s disease focuses on self improvement and how to create the life you want. Unlike other books and podcasts on this topic, Alex brings people on board who have already mastered the aspects they’re talking about. These are people who are living breathing proof that one can master spending time alone, coping with burnout, and finding your purpose. If you’re feeling unmotivated Dreamer’s disease is sure to light a fire in you.

5. Dirty John

Dirty John is a story based on real life events. It’s a story of caution to those in the dating world that you can never be sure of who you’re really talking to. This one also falls under the true crime umbrella but with a much more serious tone. The podcast is split into seven parts and is more of an audiobook than a podcast. Never the less the story of Dirty John is seriously captivating and reminds us that there are people out there who only want to cause harm to others. If you like stories of survival then this one is for you.

And there you have it! My top 5 picks for podcasts. Thanks so much for reading and please leave me your podcast recommendations below, i’m always on the hunt for my next favourite.

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