How to decorate a rental or dorm room

There’s nothing better than moving to a new place and getting to make it your own. The trouble is, most dorms and rental units have strict rules on what you can and can’t use in the decorating process such as nails or screws. That being said there are plenty of options out there to make your space yours, keep reading below for some ideas!

Command Hooks

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Command hooks are the next best thing to nails and screws, and they can be moved and removed without damaging the walls! There are many different types of hooks you can buy such as small clear hooks that are virtually invisible on the wall, or you can opt for some serious heavy duty hooks that can hold up to five pounds on a single hook. Make sure you choose the correct type of hook for what you’re hanging up or it may just come crashing down in the middle of the night! These are by far the best option if you have any artwork to hang on your walls.


Nothing is sure to make your room feel cozy and aesthetically pleasing like some fairy lights on the wall or the ceiling. They are relatively inexpensive depending on where you get them from, I strongly recommend checking amazon since they usually have the best prices. Lighting can change the feel of your space, sometimes the main lights built into our room are harsh. Adding other lighting options gives you the chance to make the room more cozy in the night time without feeling like you’re sitting in an interrogation room. Better yet, if you have a large space you’d like to cover, amazon has curtains of lights you can purchase. I got mine for about $22 CAD and it’s 9 feet long! Definitely a good option for a selfie wall.

Feature wall

My favourite thing to do for any new place I move into is to create a wall full of things that I love. You can make a collage that features everything you like, or you can fill a wall with one thing you really like. In my case I have an entire wall in my living room filled with records to add some colour to the room with their bright labels. Another great idea I’ve seen is to make a collage of all your favourite people on the wall. This could be friends and family or even people you look up to. The easiest method for this is to use sticky tac. There’s many different names for this but the best brand to use I’ve found is UHU stick tac. It’s a few cents more but the difference in quality is well worth the price. There’s nothing worse than coming home to find all your pictures fell down off the wall. Having a wall full of your favourite things is not only a nice personalized touch, it also helps boost your mood to have things around the room that make you happy.


Plants can feel intimidating to those who have never had a plant to take care of of their own, but plants bring an incredible cozy feeling to any space. For those who are new to taking care of plants I recommend getting a cactus or a succulent. These plants are incredibly forgiving and they only need to be watered every few weeks. Depending on the size of plant you get they can fill an otherwise bare space and make it look more visually appealing. You can put them in pots that match your room or pick out some crazy coloured pots to add some colour. If that wasn’t enough of a reason to get some plants, they clean and filter the air in your room! Who doesn’t want that?

Those are some of my tips to make you rental or dorm room feel more you! How do you decorate your space? Share in the comments below, I love seeing other people’s spaces!

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