Halloween movies you need to watch!

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays of the year. I’m a huge horror fan and Halloween is essentially an entire month dedicated to spooky scary things, what more could you want?! Every year my friends and I gather to watch our favourite Halloween films. It’s usually a mixed bag of films we watch since not everyone enjoys being scared out of their minds at every twist and turn. Over the years we have a few favourites we always come back to and I have made them into this handy-dandy list for you.

The shining

The shining is my all time favourite horror movie no doubt about it. This is a classic from the 80s that isn’t too scary for the faint of heart but holds all the classic horror elements. If you’ve somehow managed to not see this film I highly recommend. This is a film that has imbedded itself into pop culture and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Not all horror movies need to be terrifying. Although there’s a debate as to if this movie is a Halloween or Christmas movie, why not both? This movie is great for younger viewers and those who don’t like being scared out of their wits, plus who doesn’t love a sing along?

The Halloween Franchise

While most of my suggestions will be on the tame side. It’s not Halloween without the original Halloween series. These films are genuinely scary and can be graphic at times but it’s a classic! Everyone needs a good scare on Halloween.


I genuinely love this series. The directors of this film know the horror movie tropes they’re up against and use them to scare the audience over and over. They’ve mastered the timing of jump scares so just when you think they’re not going to scare you, there it is. The doll used in the movies gets more and more horrifying with every film.


We end with another classic! What can I say? The 80s was an amazing time for Halloween movies. This again isn’t a scary film but it’s hilarious and filled with awesome music. No Halloween is complete without our mischievous friend, Beetlejuice. Say it with me- Beetlejuice!

There you have my top five Halloween movies for the spooky season. Which are your favourite spooky movies, share them in the comments below. Happy Halloween!

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