What Do You Do When On A Social Media Break?

Earlier this month I made a post about deleting all my social media apps for 30 days. I was dreading it because I knew I was heavily addicted to my phone and was especially guilty for constantly being online. It’s been a challenging few weeks (I’ve still got 4 days left before the challenge is officially over) but it was eye opening.

Even though I had deleted social media like Instagram and Facebook, I still found myself aimlessly scrolling on my phone anywhere I could. I ended up checking my screen time stats and was horrified to see I was still spending about 8 hours a day on my phone! So after the first 6 days I decided to heavily restrict the time I was spending on my phone to be no more than three hours. Three hours is still a ridiculous amount of time but it’s still less than half of the amount of time I was currently spending on my phone. The first few days were really hard but once I came up with some ideas of other things I’d like to do with my time I was surprised to find I didn’t really notice when I’d go a few hours without even looking at my phone or checking the time.

I replaced watching videos on my phone with meditation and playing music along with cleaning out my entire space. It was the most accomplished and fulfilled I have felt in YEARS. When I did allow myself breaks on my phone I tended to spend time looking at more meaningful and useful content such as minimalism which inspired me to go through my belongings and get rid of a lot of junk that was making me extremely unhappy.

I also took a trip to the U.S.A. while on my social media break, which was so much fun. It was hard not being able to post any of my photos for my friends to see at the time but I found I was enjoying every moment of my trip because I wasn’t able to worry about posting or editing my photos while they were being taken. After I took a photo, my phone simply went back into my pocket and I carried on. I’ll be able to post my photos in a few days but I really appreciated the time I had where the photos were only available to me.

It can be hard to imagine a real day without social media if you’re guilty like I am of being constantly glued to your phone screen, but taking time away can be incredibly rewarding. I do plan on keeping myself limited on the hours per day I can spend on my phone because I like my level of productivity when I’m off of it. As for apps there are many I will not be downloading once my break is over that I simply kept because other people were using them. In closing, I encourage everyone to try a day without using their phone for anything other than phone calls and texting and see just how much you can achieve in a single day when you are in full control of your time.

Do you spend a lot of time on your phone? Have you ever gone on a social media break? If you did, how did it go? Let me know in the comments!

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