Freck. Is it worth it?

As someone who was born with freckles, it took a long time for me to understand why anybody would want to draw on fake freckles. After thinking about it, it’s just like hair texture. Those with curly hair might wish it was straight while those with straight hair wish they had some curl. Throw in a freckle trend and some intense marketing and you’ve got freck.

I decided to give the product a try since I already have real freckles, I’d be able to compare if these faux freckles were realistic. Since I do not live in the United States, where freck is made, I decided to make my purchase through When looking through freck products I noticed they have freck OG which is their standard size product and they also have freck XL which is a larger value size. I decided to purchase the smaller size since I had no idea if I’d even like the product. $25 Canadian dollars ($22 USD) later I excitedly waited for my order.

My order arrived reasonably quickly considering how busy the postal services are currently and I excitedly tore into the package to see quite possibly the tiniest box I have ever seen. The box the product comes in is the size of a toddler’s pinky finger. And when you open it up, the unit inside is even smaller. Considering this is a liquid product where a little goes a long way I was not expecting a very large container but this was shockingly small for a $25 purchase.

Putting my slight disappointment aside I decided to give the product a try. The colour is quite orange compared to what I was expecting but it is incredibly realistic when applied. Depending on whether you decide to blend out your freckle or simply dot it on for a bolder look this product is incredibly easy to use as long as you hold the brush at a 90° angle so you don’t end up with potato shaped dots on your face.

The product is easy to use and the freckles seamlessly blend into my natural ones. I’ve also found that freckles are a good camouflage for breakouts as well as any other skin imperfections you may want to distract from. Simply dot on a freckle over a slow healing bump or imperfection and you’re all set.

Do I like the product? Yes. Do I think the price is reasonable? Not really. Colourpop just released their own freckle pens which run just under $11 Canadian ($8 USD!). While I have not personally tried the product I would definitely recommend trying the colourpop freckle pens first as they are a fraction of the cost. Especially for those who are unsure if faux freckle look is the look for them.

What other products would you like me to review? Let me know in the comments!

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