How to live a purpose driven life?

At some point you’ve probably asked yourself, what is the meaning of life? And what is my purpose here on this earth? How do you find your purpose and align your life to fulfill that purpose?

While I can’t answer the question of what your specific purpose is, here are some things to consider and ask yourself to help you narrow down what matters most to you:

1. If I had passed away, what would I want people to say about me at my funeral?

Would you want people to remember you as kind and loving? Someone who was selfless, someone who pushed the boundaries of industry and reached for the stars? There’s no wrong answer here but the answer is very individual. How do you want others to remember you when you’re gone?

2. What do you feel the world needs more of?

Fill in the blank: If the world just had a little bit more ______ it would be a better place. Is it love? Generosity? Truth? Hard work? Nerve? What could you give to the world that you think it needs more of?

Once you’ve given those prompts some thought (there can be many answers, or simply one) now is the time to put those values at the forefront of your mind.

If you met a person that fully embodied your values, for example trust, how would they act? What kinds of things would they do or not do? A person who is trust worthy would not tell lies of course, and they would commit to the promises they make. How does your current life match up with the values you chose? How can you improve so that your daily life embodies those values?

What could you do that could give the world a little more of your values? Could it be volunteering at an organization that needs more love? Is it sharing stories of truth to educate the public and hold people accountable? Write down places where your values are needed. Don’t forget to think outside the box.

Finding one’s life purpose is difficult and by no means something you can figure out in a single day, but if you regularly reflect on what’s important to you, that answer can become more clear. Life purposes can also change, what you cared so deeply about when you were 15 may not be the same when you’re 35, and that’s okay.

Not everyone has one single life purpose either, but if you live your life focusing on being the best you you can be, the world is already be a better place.

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