Magnetic Eyelashes: Are They Worth It?

Like many people, out of nowhere I started being bombarded with magnetic eyelash ads on instagram. I had seen this happen before with the first generation of magnetic eyelashes where you essentially sandwiched your own eyelashes between the magnetic set. Long story short, those ones were VERY hard to use and let to me pinching my eyelid between magnets, it was about as fun as it sounds.

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This latest release of magnetic eyelash prototypes are different. These lashes adhere to magnetic eyeliner that is provided with the lashes. Simply swipe on your liner as you normally would, put a little of the magnetic eyeliner on top and your magnetic eyelashes are good to go!

I’ve read that it’s easy to go through the magnetic eyeliner very quickly if you use it to do your entire liner routine which is why I suggest only using the magnetic eyeliner along the lash-line just like you would with traditional glue. This ensures the best bang for your buck.

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You do need to allow the liner to fully dry, which can take up to 5 minutes, but its worth it. If you have to re adjust the lashes as you apply them and there’s still wet liner on your lids it is going to make a huge mess. I speak from experience. Once the liner is dry you can move them about no problem.

Don’t mess with them once you’ve got them they way you like. These lashes are easy to remove since they have little magnets attached to the lashes to help them adhere to your magnetic liner, the problem is that when you remove the lashes you’re bound to take a little liner with you. Unless you’re into the dotted line look across your lids, I suggest resisting the urge to pull them on and off unnecessarily.

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These magnetic lashes can be worn many more times than the traditional glue lashes and they are much easier to clean, I myself have re-worn the same pair of lashes for two weeks now, cleaning them with makeup remover between each use of course. While a set of Glamnetic lashes is quite pricey, they are worth it, but I have found some equally beautiful pairs on Amazon for a more reasonable price.

If you’re interested in trying out magnetic lashes for the first time I strongly recommend buying a set of multiple lashes from amazon like these. They’re affordable and there are different styles to try so that you can find your perfect pair. Don’t worry, you can buy replacement magnetic eyeliner without having to repurchase all the lashes again.

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Over all I really love this new trend of eyelashes, they much more comfortable for me than glue-on lashes as well as much easier for me to apply since I am new to the false lash game. Being able to reuse lashes more than three of four times definitely makes these lashes more financially responsible than my usual brands of choice. Overall I say if magnetic eyelashes have caught your interest, you should definitely give them a try!

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