NARS is back at it again with a new mascara formula on the heels of their wildly successful Climax mascara launch. The Climax Extreme formula aims to do everything the original Climax mascara does, but with even more volume. So, is it worth the splurge?

I absolutely ADORED the original climax mascara, it’s one of my all time favourites that I have repurchased several times at this point. So I was incredibly excited to get my hands on this new volumizing formula to try it out. I will admit I am biased towards the NARS brand because it is a brand I keep going back to over and over again because they really nail the colours and formulas I tend to gravitate towards.

This mascara however, didn’t really blow me away. There are a lot of things that this mascara does really well such as being super inky black and having minimal flaking which many mascaras can flake off my lashes throughout the day. What I didn’t love about this mascara though was the brush predominantly. The brush has much shorter spikier bristles than the original, which of course they would be because they’re aiming for a different effect, but what I noticed about the Extreme formula is that there is a HUGE excess of product on the brush every time you take it out of the tube. I am constantly scraping the excess off the brush onto the edge of the tube and it is excessive. I also find that this mascara makes my eyelashes look really clumpy, though it is easy to separate your eyelashes again if this starts to happen, which I do appreciate. Now eyelash clumping is really common with volumizing formulas so I don’t want to complain about that one aspect too much because this all comes down to your individual eyelashes and how they take the product and also it depends on your desired look, while I personally look silly if there’s even a hint of clumping going on, some looks and just some lucky people in general can look amazing.

Now when you’re purchasing a higher end mascara, you do want to think about things like this beforehand because mascaras are one of the product you have to throw away the most often and so your return on investment is pretty low. This means you’ll want to make sure you’re buying something you know you’ll love using. I like the coverage this mascara gives and I like how it is incredibly black. There’s nothing worse than swiping on your mascara only to realize you’ve now given yourself grey eyelashes. Not cute. However I do find this mascara to be pretty clumpy on my own lashes and the amount of product I have to wipe off the brush before using is over the top. Based on personal preference I will be sticking with the original Climax mascara for my day to day use.

Would I recommend this mascara? That depends. If you love volume enhancing mascaras and to don’t really struggle with clumping, I would say go for it. Luckily both versions of the Climax mascara are the same price so you’re not really risking a whole lot if you’re trying to decide between the two formulas. This is a good high end mascara, but it’s not what I would consider a GREAT mascara that offers something new we haven’t seen before. I would give it a solid 7/10. If you’re looking for a good black mascara that gives length and a little bit of volume but not EXTREME volume, I’d highly recommend the original NARS Climax mascara (in the red tube!).

Are you considering buying the NARS Climax Extreme mascara? Or have you already tried it? Leave your opinion in the comments and we can continue the conversation below!

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