After my successful trial of Fenty’s cream blush I was very intrigued by their cream bronzer and decided to purchase shade 01 AMBER. In case you haven’t read my other reviews, full disclosure: I am very pale. This makes bronzers difficult for me because they will usually come out straight up orange on my skin or make my skin look “muddy”. I typically remedy this with sunless tanner so that I can find a foundation colour that matches. As a reference I wear the shade “Snow” in Too Faced’s Born this way foundation or “Mont Blanc” in Nars’ Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation. I mention this because if you aren’t on the pale side my review will likely be no help to you as far as colour goes, but the rest may still be helpful.

I purchased Fenty’s lightest shade : 01 AMBER because I knew that the other shades would almost definitely be too warm for my skin tone. This colour is marketed to be used for contouring even though it is called “bronzer”. This shade specifically is very cool-toned. While I find this obviously didn’t add any warmth to my face, it did help create dimension. This colour would likely work on several skin tones if you’re trying to carve out cheekbones or contour. I like that it doesn’t have any glitter or shimmer and it blends out similar to their blush. If you like cream consistencies for your base makeup then this is for you.

The pan sizes for the bronzers are much larger than the blushes which helps if you want to apply your bronzer with a larger brush or even a beauty blender. The mirror is also a good size especially if you’re going to throw it in your bag and use it to check your makeup throughout the day.

While I am a little disappointed that I can’t really use this product to warm up my face the way one typically would use bronzer, that’s based on the colour I’ve selected and the challenges that come with having cool-toned pale skin. I am going to be looking into the next darker shade of their bronzer because I do love this formula and if nothing else this is my new favourite contouring product.

(Photo taken from temptalia.com)

How do you like Fenty’s bronzers? Let me know in the comments!

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