Like many of you I decided to take advantage of Sephora’s Black Friday sale and picked up several new items I’ve been wanting to try, one of these items being Mario Badescu’s new matte eyeshadow palette. I am a sucker for warm toned nude eye shadows lately and this matte palette was exactly what I was looking for to combat all the sparkly glitter palettes that usually come out during the winter holiday season.

The palette retails for $64 Canadian which makes it a bit on the more expensive side in my opinion but it does come with 12 shades that are easily wearable for day to day use so I do think if you enjoy matte formulas you could definitely get your money’s worth out of it. I have no doubt this will be a palette I will use frequently just based on what I tend to choose for shadow colours.

The palette is also decently compact being slightly smaller than an iPhone 11 makes it easy to bring with you for travel and the magnetic closure in the lid ensures you’ll have no accidental messes created in your bag. Honestly at first I wasn’t a big fan of the packaging because it seemed rather simple and well, plastic. While packaging definitely has it’s place and can make us even more excited to buy a product, I feel the pro’s of the practicality of the packaging such as the small size, light weight, and magnetic lid, make up for the fact its not as ridiculously fancy as it *could* be. It also has a nice sized mirror that takes up the whole inside of the lid.

As far as formulas go I do find this palette to be on the more powder-y side. Not excessively but when you read the product description on Sephora they describe it as “a featherlight creamy feel” to which I would say… kind of? The shadows are very light and have basically no fall out (even the black shadow) which is very impressive. I wouldn’t necessarily call them creamy in the way we are used to other makeup being marketed. Upon swatching all the shades on my arm the colours are buildable and relatively easy to work with, which is difficult to do when you’re working with matte shades because you don’t want to add any ingredients that might make them appear shiny which usually translates to ingredients that help the consistency be really smooth. I would definitely not label this product as “chalky”, the colour pay off is really good and easy to build and blending is surprisingly easy. If you have normal to slightly oily eyelids I think you’ll enjoy this product more than someone who tends to have dry eyelids, but keep in mind this tends to be the case with most matte shadows.

Over all I do really like this palette and if you’re in the market to buy an easy everyday warm-toned palette this could be a good choice! I would recommend swatching the palette in store if you’re particular with formulas though as this one is tricky to describe and I wouldn’t say Sephora’s description is completely accurate. I, however will be using this product a lot in the future and I would recommend it.

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Have you tried out the Master Mattes palette? What were your thoughts on the texture of the shadows? Share your thoughts below. Just because I like something doesn’t mean everyone will, which is why having multiple opinions helps!

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