Does Olaplex no.6 Bond Smoother Really Work?

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Ive had Olaplex on my radar for years, but the price tag always intimidated me. As someone with fine hair anything that claims to be “moisturizing” or “repairing” usually means it’ll leave my hair way too oily and I’ll have to wash my hair the very next day or in some cases, the very same day.

Still I heard so many people sing praise to Olaplex and it’s ability to help damaged hair feel healthy again, and since I’ve been dyeing my hair blonde for the last three years, I’d say my hair was a prime candidate to test it out.

So just to be transparent, I have long, colour treated, baby fine hair that tends to get oily after about 2 days. It is prone to tangles and often feels staticky in the fall.

I decided to pick up the Olaplex No.6 leave in reparative styling cream as I typically don’t use conditioner for my hair. My first thoughts once opening my package from Sephora was that the bottle seemed really small for something that costs almost $40 Canadian. Thankfully though a little goes a long way and it’s not necessary to use the product every day. I’ve found that I only use need to use the product after I wash my hair and my hair will be good to go until the next wash.

I like the smell of the product, it’s nothing fancy just a fairly standard hair product smell but it still makes me feel ~fancy~ when I use it. You have the option of putting the product on dry hair or on wet lightly towel dried hair. I’ve found that I do tend to go through a little more product when I put it on dry hair, so if you’re looking to make your bottle stretch as far as possible you’ll want to apply it to slightly damp hair.

The product is really nice in my hair and doesn’t leave it crunchy even when I put it on wet hair and let air dry like other products tend to do. I’ve tried both air drying and blow drying my hair and it works great with both! I’m skeptical that anything can really “repair” split ends once you’ve got them but it does seem to make them less visible and make my hair look much healthier even after using heat tools, mainly a hairdryer and curling wand.

Over all I’d say yes, the Olaplex hype is real and worth the money if you’re looking for something to splurge on. My hair does feel noticeably softer and healthier but without the gross residue feel some other products can leave behind.

I will be repurchasing this product and I do recommend!

Have you used any other Olaplex products? How did you like them? Are there any other products you’d like me to test out and review? Let me know in the comments below!

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